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Five-foot-long boa constrictor found next to Thames in Chiswick

A large boa constrictor was spotted slithering in the undergrowth beside the Thames in south-west London over the weekend. 

The five-foot long (1.5m) snake was captured by the RSPCA on Sunday after it was found near Barnes Bridge in Chiswick.

Animal officers believe its size suggests that it has recently been abandoned, rather than being a stray reptile.

RSPCA animal collection officer Jade Guthrie, who rescued the reptile from the riverside said that as it was quite heavy, it seemed to be in good condition. 

‘He looks quite healthy. It’s got a good weight to it so he’s obviously been looked after,’ she told the BBC.

‘But obviously we’ll give him a health check and make sure he’s all okay.’    

As Boa constrictors are native to South America, though mostly bred in captivity, Ms Guthrie speculated on the strange circumstances of it’s appearance in Chiswick.

‘It could have possibly have gotten out and wandered quite far,’ she said. ‘Or it could unfortunately potentially be an abandonment as well.

‘So I’m going to put a ‘found’ poster up and then hopefully an owner comes forward. 

‘If not, he’ll go to one of our re-homing centres.’

The snake is currently being cared for by the RSPCA.    

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