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Fitness expert shares the four meals she eats every day to stay toned

A law graduate turned fitness coach has detailed the exact meals she eats every day to maintain her toned physique – and she doesn’t scrimp on the Vegemite, hot chocolate or snack bars.

Georgie Stevenson, 26, who lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, posted her daily eating regime to Instagram on Monday, explaining how she fits her meals in around the gym and running her own business.

‘You guys know I eat intuitively and every day is different but here is what today looked like! I don’t count calories or macros so please don’t ask,’ she said.

She starts the day at 6am with a Naked Harvests Supplement natural preworkout in sweet strawberry flavour before heading to the gym.

While there she might complete one of her favourite full body ‘blaster’ workouts, which includes 10 squat and presses into 10 jump squats, 10 weighted lunges into 10 jumping lunges and five upright rows into 10 push ups.

When she returns Georgie will whip up some ‘protein oats’ using her Thrive protein and eat it while she’s trying to get some general emails and admin done. 

By 11am it’s time for another snack and she reaches for Vegemite or jam and butter on toast with a side of collagen coffee.

Collagen supplements can protect your skin against ageing and can also help produce other proteins like elastin to support the skin’s structure, Max Living reported.

Lunchtime tends to fall around 2pm when Georgie will make or buy a black rice burrito bowl, and she’ll polish off a snack bar from Sneaky Wholefoods at 4pm. 

Dinner is a Hello Fresh meal of salmon and mashed potato, prepared in just half an hour. 

Before bed she’ll indulge in a ‘Moon Mylk’ hot chocolate – a brand also from the Naked Harvest Supplements store – and then get an early night’s sleep.

‘YES! This is like my dream day on a plate,’ one of her followers commented.

‘Everything looks so so good. I eat intuitively too! The best thing,’ said another.

A third added: ‘It’s nice to see someone eating a decent amount each day and still maintaining a solid figure’. 

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