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Fitness coach shares the six-minute ab workout she swears by for a toned physique

An Australian gymnast-turned-fitness-coach has shared the six-minute ab workout she uses to tone her midsection – and millions have watched it during the coronavirus lockdown.

Morgan Rose Moroney, 23, released the workout in September 2019 but it saw a resurgence in clicks come late March when the global coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to limit their exercise or do it indoors.

At the time of publishing it has been watched 3.7million times, with Morgan’s followers calling it one of the ‘best ways’ to tighten your core when no equipment is available.

The Queensland-born blonde does six exercises with 50 seconds of hard work ‘on’ and 10 seconds per minute marked as ‘rest’ during the mini workout.

‘I literally do this in every session I have. It’s either a finisher or I use it as a starter before I get into weights, either way you can do it whenever and wherever,’ she said.

To start with she twists her arms straight above her head and does Straight Arm crunches, working on keeping her lower back flat and moving from the top – or thoracic – part of her spine. 

Next is a Leg Lift with Extension, which involves keeping both legs straight and lifting them up past your hips before flattening them against the floor. 

It targets the lower abdominals and gives your spine a stretch as you roll backward.

The third exercise is Single Leg Lifts, placing each straight leg down to the floor before bringing it back up in line with your hips.

Morgan’s chest is lifted to strengthen her neck and help work her core at the same time as her legs are moving. 

Fourth on the list are Dish Tucks, which require the exerciser to ‘tuck’ their legs into their chest while in a lifted position. 

It’s difficult to balance on your tricep but gives you an arm workout at the same time.

Ankle Taps follow – which are done with the legs bent in towards your glutes – before she transitions into Plank Twists – an oblique exercise on top of the regular ab-focused plank.

‘It as easy as that, although that wasn’t that easy,’ she said at the end of the footage.

‘I’ve been doing this workout for about three weeks 3-4 times in a week and I’ve seen great results! If anyone is looking for the comment it works,’ one fan said.

‘The reason why I love this ab workout compared to others out there is because you have almost a minute per exercise, which is enough time to fire up those muscles,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS. I can actually feel this one working’.

Morgan used her six-minute ab routine while locked up in hotel quarantine, which she had to do when returning to Queensland from the United States in June.

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