Fishing alert for Brexit! Jersey has issued a warning to French sailors intending to TRIPLE the number of boats operating in its seas.


Fishing alert for Brexit! Jersey has issued a warning to French sailors intending to TRIPLE the number of boats operating in its seas.

The President of the Jersey Fishermen’s Association has warned that France is attempting to submit at least 200 licenses for French boats to operate in Jersey seas, despite the fact that only 60-70 are likely to be eligible for the contracts.

Don Thompson informed this website that he is concerned that the French fishing authorities will submit hundreds of fishing license applications that will “certainly” be rejected, as the fishing boss predicts that just 60 French licenses will be processed. Following new Brexit accords, the Jersey and French governments have fought over how many French boats can operate in Jersey territorial waters, with the Jersey government only issuing licenses to French boats that can prove they have previously operated in the area. While the French authorities have failed to find the information, Mr Thompson fears that they would oversaturate license applications with poor cases nevertheless, potentially leading to more protests later this year.

Mr Thompson outlined the current scenario in Jersey to This website following a license amnesty till September.

French vessels would be barred entry to Jersey seas as part of the post-Brexit arrangement unless they can show they have operated there in the past few years.

The deal, which was supposed to go into effect in May, was met by a barrage of protests from French boats in the St Helier area.

French fishermen claim they were not consulted about the change and have chastised the French government for failing to respond quickly enough.

An extension was granted until June, followed by a last-minute extension until September, giving French authorities time to gather the information they need to submit their fishing license applications.

Until the end of September, French boats will be free to operate in the waters.

Mr Thompson, on the other hand, claims that the French authorities’ system for proving where boats have operated is exceedingly incorrect and unreliable.

He alleges that under the now-defunct Granville Bay Agreement, French authorities were permitted to issue their own licenses to operate in Jersey seas, and that roughly 340 were granted.

Mr Thompson claims he has seen statistics indicating that approximately 72 vessels visit Jersey seas each year, and he is concerned that France will want to offer hundreds of licenses that are not backed up by facts.

He described what these vessels that come every year are. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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