Fisherman is taken aback by a rumored big cat encounter near a lake.


Fisherman is taken aback by a rumored big cat encounter near a lake.

A FISHERMAN claims to have spotted a rare “large cat” prowling the fields near a lake.

Paul Johnson claimed to have seen and photographed the wild cat in Haresfield, Gloucestershire. Last Sunday, a fisherman spotted it from around 300 yards out and reported it to the authorities.

After watching the enormous feline calmly wandering through the hedgerow across the lake from where they were sat, Mr Johnson said he was taken aback.

The spotter and a buddy saw the animal from 300 yards out at around 9.45 a.m., he claimed.

“My friend and I were at Haresfield fishery and we observed the large cat walk through the hedge line down towards a track,” he told Gloucestershire Live.

“It wasn’t stalking anything; it was just strolling.”

Mr Johnson said that his photos of the animal weren’t the best, but he was taken aback by the animal’s size.

“I work on fences and such,” he explained, “so I can estimate its size based on the picture.”

“It wasn’t quite a metre long, I’d say. When I first saw it, I thought it was strange.

“It went and sat down for about 10 minutes before going down the track,” says the narrator.

“I wasn’t terrified of it, but I wouldn’t have approached it either.”

Expert Rhoda Watkins told Cornwall Live that the increase could be due to more people enjoying the countryside, as reported by Cornwall Live.

Ms Watkins, who is scheduled to star in the forthcoming documentary film “Britain’s Big Cat Mystery,” looked into a lynx sighting in a field near St Austell.

“The increase in sightings is due in part to the warm weather, which means more people – and cats – are out and about,” she explained.

“In addition, I believe that since Covid, people have become more interested in our fauna.

“As a result, when they notice something that shouldn’t be there, they are naturally intrigued and want to learn more.

“I also believe there has been more coverage on big cats in the media.”


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