First look at the lovely endangered newborn orangutan born at a zoo in the United Kingdom – photos


First look at the lovely endangered newborn orangutan born at a zoo in the United Kingdom – photos

IMAGES of a newborn orangutan clinging to its mother have been made public.

The Sumatran orangutan is a critically endangered species with a serious risk of extinction, therefore zoo keepers have been celebrating its birth. The baby is the first of its kind born at the zoo since its orangutans returned to their “Monsoon Forest” home after being forced to evacuate due to a fire in December 2019.

After an eight-and-a-half-month pregnancy, the baby arrived at Chester Zoo on June 19 to parents Emma and Puluh, both 34.

The zoo’s experts claim they haven’t been able to tell the sex of the tiny arrival, who has been clinging to its mother since birth.

The great apes are in grave danger of extinction in the wild, and conservationists around the world are hoping that the birth will give them a new lease on life.

Sumatran orangutans are found only in Southeast Asia, where there are less than 14,000 of the large apes left in the wild.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated them as critically endangered (IUCN).

“Sumatran orangutans are one of the world’s most endangered big mammals, so the safe delivery of a new youngster is an incredibly memorable moment,” said Claire Parry, one of the zoo’s professional Primate Keepers.

“Emma is a seasoned mother who has already built a strong attachment with the baby – it’s lovely to see her lovingly caressing it.

“The baby is an important addition to the international conservation breeding program, which is trying to establish a safety-net population for these critically endangered creatures in the world’s most modern zoos.

“Finally, we hope that the youngster will assist us in raising more awareness about the loss of rainforests in Southeast Asia, which is driving this magnificent species, as well as many others, to extinction.”

The only zoo in mainland Britain that caters for Sumatran orangutans is Chester Zoo.

Illegal hunting, habitat damage, and the conversion of their forest to palm oil fields are all common threats to the species.

Chester Zoo conservationists are working in Indonesia with sustainable palm oil farms and non-governmental organizations to help avoid additional deforestation, which is putting orangutans in danger of extinction.


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