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Fired British boss of McDonald’s Steve Easterbrook sexted a worker and gave shares to another after bedding her

THE fired British boss of McDonald’s sent sex texts to a co-worker and gave a lucrative shares package to another after bedding her.

Steve Easterbrook, 53, is being sued for £30million by the burger giant over claims he lied about sex with staff.

According to court papers, a probe by McDonald’s found three relationships he kept secret.

Investigators also found dozens of nude snaps of women sent from his company email account.

And the papers claim recovered messages show he awarded shares worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to one female employee “while engaged in an improper sexual relationship with her”.

It is said to have been approved “after their first sexual encounter and within days of their second”.

Divorced Easterbrook — dubbed “the wonder from Watford” for his work transforming McDonald’s — was sacked last year for a consensual relationship with an employee.

Court documents reveal he had wooed the unnamed woman with sexually explicit text messages, photographs and video calls.

At the time, Easterbrook claimed the relationship was the “only one of an intimate nature he had ever had with a McDonald’s employee”.

The court filing states: “He asserted that he had never engaged in a physical sexual relationship with any McDonald’s employee.” The fast food giant forbids relationships between staff and subordinates.

He was let go in November with an estimated £30million in compensation, shares and stock options.

McDonald’s was tipped off last month that Easterbrook had lied.

They conducted a second probe and found he had sexual relationships with three other women, despite denying any more affairs to a team of investigators.

In work emails — which he had deleted but were still on the company’s servers — they found “dozens” of “nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit photographs and videos” of women.

The haul included photographs of the three other company employees.

McDonald’s is now suing Easterbrook to try and claw back his payoff package.

In court papers, filed in Delaware, McDonald’s said the photos were “undisputable evidence” he repeatedly violated company policy and lied to bosses.

Easterbrook, who was often seen promoting the chain with a string of stars and mascot Ronald McDonald, also had a romance with high-flying PR manager Denise Paleothodoros, 47, whose firm had been contracted to work with the burger giant.

The McDonald’s board was made aware of the relationship and she was taken off the account.

In March last year, McDonald’s held training for all employees on “sexual harassment and discrimination” as well as its “culture of respect and integrity”.

Easterbrook could not be reached for comment last night.

At the time of his dismissal, he acknowledged a relationship in an email to staff, calling it a “mistake”.

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