Fire rips through a 20-story skyscraper in Milan, with rescue efforts ongoing.


Fire rips through a 20-story skyscraper in Milan, with rescue efforts ongoing.

HORRIFIC footage has emerged of flames sweeping through a 20-story tower block in Milan, Italy, with over 50 firefighters battling the raging inferno.

According to a tweet by broadcaster Tgr Rai Lombardi, the fire had spread to the building in Antonini, on the city’s southern suburbs. “Dozens of individuals have been rescued,” it continued. It’s looking to see if someone has become entrapped.”

On social media, dramatic imagery showed massive amounts of dense black smoke pouring into the sky and intense flames erupting.

“Skyscraper fire: flames under control,” read a tweet from the Milan fire department, which included a footage shot from its helicopter.

“Our staff are making progress from the inside of the building to the upper stories.

“There are 15 vehicles and more than 50 firefighters on the scene. Images from the helicopter’s airborne reconnaissance.”

At 4.30 p.m. GMT, the fire was first reported.

According to an earlier tweet, the fire started in the top levels and spread downhill.

It’s unclear whether anyone is still trapped within the Torre dei Moro building.

Local reports, on the other hand, claim that ambulances have arrived on the scene.

“At this time, we have no information of victims or injured,” Milan Mayor Beppe Salla told Milano Today.

“About 20 individuals have fled without incident, and now the firefighters are breaking down doors one by one to see if anyone is still inside.

“We are confident that there was enough time for everyone to move out, but we cannot be certain until the control is completed.”


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