Find out how to disable Bixby Dwelling on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant on its Galaxy smartphones, has its own dedicated button so it can be called upon whenever you want — even accidentally. But there’s also Bixby Home, which is the screen to the left of the home screen that offers up information from other apps, your calendar, and more.

Bixby Home tries to be contextually relevant, but we’ve hardly found a good use for it. It’s just an extra area to accidentally swipe to on the home screen. If you find yourself not really using it, don’t worry, there’s a way to disable it completely. We’ve already shown how to remap the Bixby key — to even launch Google Assistant — so here’s how to disable Bixby Home.

Disabling Bixby Home works on phones with Bixby installed, which includes the following:

Disabling Bixby Home will take less than 10 seconds of your time.

That’s it. Go back to the home page and now you’ll see you can’t swipe to the right anymore to access Bixby Home.

Keep in mind, this just disables Bixby Home. If you want to remap the Bixby Key on the side of the phone to do something else, follow this guide here.

There may be a few reasons to using Bixby Home, but it does require some work on your end.

We recommend tapping on the two lines on the top right of cards in Bixby Home to pin them to the top. Cards like your Step Goal from Samsung Health or your calendar of events for the day might be a few good examples to pin to the top so you can quickly see them when you open Bixby Home.

You can also press the “X” icon at the top of cards that have it to hide them, in case you want to declutter Bixby Home too.

If these aren’t useful to you, then go ahead and disable it.