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Fill your kids’ lunch boxes with healthy treats for two weeks at less than £1 a day

THE start of a new school term can be overwhelming – for parents as well as children.

And how to fill school lunch boxes with healthy, affordable and tasty food is one of the biggest conundrums.

But our columnist – mum-of-two Suzanne Mulholland who shares her The Batch Lady recipes every Saturday in Fab Daily – has the perfect plan.

This guide covers two weeks of children’s meals for less than £1 a day. It includes a meal plan, recipes and tips on batch-preparing and freezing.

Suzanne says: “Buy the bulk of what you need the first week, then you only require a small fresh-food top-up the following week. For the sandwiches, I batch-make two weeks’ worth on the Sunday evening and freeze them all.

“So on that first Sunday, you spend 45 minutes prepping but on the second Sunday you should have enough leftovers so that you only need to make the pasta and soup.”

THIS two-week plan will stop your kids from getting bored and keep them filled up with nutritious grub. Use the same plan for both weeks.

Remember: you may need to adjust quantities according to age.

For each child:

Tomato and sweetcorn pasta, banana, 2 small yoghurts, 2 cookies, orange or apple juice carton.

Ham and cucumber bagel, apple, Mini Cheddars, orange squash.

Cherry tomato and cream cheese wrap, 2 small yoghurts, packet of popcorn, 2 cookies, banana, orange squash.

Vegetable and pasta soup, ham bagel, Mini Cheddars, apple, orange or apple juice carton.

Tuna mayo wrap with cucumber, 2 small yoghurts, banana, 2 cookies, orange squash.

The plan feeds two children for two weeks using a £20 shopping list. It is based on Tesco prices, but try Lidl, Aldi or your local low-cost shop for an even cheaper spend.

Total for two weeks’ shopping = £19.31

Serves 2

Pasta is a great alternative to sandwiches – it’s cheap, healthy and will give your kids something warm to tuck into on colder days. Prep your pasta and sauce on a Sunday.

This recipe makes two lunches. One jar will last for both weeks – just add the leftover half jar to a tub and freeze for the following Sunday’s batch cook.



Serves 2



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