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Fight club at Perth’s Crown Casino with two punch ups on the same night

Crown Casino was hit by two vicious brawls in the space of a few hours as angry punters threw punches on the gaming floor.

The rowdy Perth venue was a virtual fight club with the combatants egged on by onlookers in both scuffles allegedly filmed on Saturday night.

Two women squared off just outside on of the lounge areas and began by screaming at each other while standing inches from each other’s face.

Eventually one of the women gave the other a push to get her out of her face, and received a punch towards the face in return.

From then it was on, with the pair trading blows and one falling down before jumping up and getting back in the fray.

Both women were so eager to battle it out that they threw punches over the heads of friends trying to break them up.

Onlookers yelled encouragement even after the brawl was broken up – though the verbal jousting continued while friends held them back.

Elsewhere in the casino, another brawl broke out among a group of men at the top of an escalator that was filmed by a passing guest.

Yelling could be heard as the man approached the area and the fight between at least six people began soon after.

Punches were thrown while other wrestled or shoved each other and a few tried unsuccessfully to break it up.

The combatants of both fights were mocked as ‘bogans’ by social media users after the videos were shared online.

Daily Mail Australia has asked Crown Perth whether any action was taken against the combatants over the brawls.

The casino has a long history of scuffles and is the only venue in Perth that stays open 24 hours a day.

Social distancing is far less observed in Perth than most other Australian states and territories with very few active cases leading to lax restrictions.

Patrons are allowed to drink without being seated and twice as many people are allowed to pack inside with a 2sqm rule instead of a 4sqm one. 

Crown’s other Australian casino, in Melbourne, has been closed for weeks as the city’s coronavirus outbreak shuts down all shops and pubs. 

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