Ferrari is in a heated argument with a caller who wants Britain to rejoin the single market after Brexit.


NICK FERRARI dismissed a caller demanding the UK return to the European Union despite it now being “old news.”

LBC host Nick Ferrari spoke to Claire from Westminster on the current state of Brexit Britain. She claimed that the UK had made a catastrophic mistake and needed to rectify it. She insisted the UK should not hold another Brexit vote but simply choose to re-enter the single market, a response which sparked an immediate slapback from Mr Ferrari.

The LBC presenter grew frustrated and argued the issue was already done and dealt with.

He added the people had voted for Brexit and it was time to move beyond that.

The caller said: “What we have got to do now is accept that we have made a catastrophic mistake.

“We have got ameliorate, militate, mitigate that catastrophic mistake.

“It was done for the right reasons, I didn’t vote for it, I never would have voted for it.

“But people did it for a whole range of reasons, we have got to go back.

“We have got to go back into the single market, if not then we suffer.”

Mr Ferrari interrupted and said: “No we are not going to go back.

“We are not going back, we have just got a record number of job vacancies.

“The UK is on course to be the fastest-growing advanced economy in the West.

“Wages are going up and unemployment is falling, what more do you want?”

The caller then replied more aggressively to the LBC host.

She said: “Things will only get worse, you are living in cloud cuckoo land, you still think there are going to be unicorns coming over the horizon and there is not.”

Mr Ferrari said he did not have the energy to talk about doing another Brexit vote.

The caller snapped she did not want another vote but instead to make a political decision to go back into the single market.

Mr Ferrari answered: “No, the people voted, Claire.

“Please do stay in touch but I don’t think my listeners have got the energy to deal with all that again.

“It is so much yesterday’s news, was the decision right, was it wrong, I don’t know.

“It is almost like talking about whether Neville Chamberlain should have been pally with Hitler, it is done now okay.”


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