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Female PC admits sex acts on foot fetish sergeant in station ‘many times’ despite him telling wife it was ‘just once’

A FEMALE PC has admitted performing sex acts on a married sergeant many times around their police station – despite him telling his wife it only happened once.

PC Jemma Dicks, 28, confessed to oral sex at “various locations and dates” with her sergeant lover in their busy South Wales police station over a ten-month fling, a misconduct hearing was told today.

The disciplinary hearing was told PC Dicks admitted to senior officers of “multiple occasions” the oral sex occurred while on shift together.

But 40-year-old Sergeant Adam Reed – who has since left the South Wales force – told his wife it happened just once as the pair were working together.

But PC Dicks is now battling to save her career by saying their sex games are not a sacking offence.

Their affair came to light after Sergeant Reed was accused of taking sneak photographs of another woman officer’s feet with PC Dicks in his station sergeant’s office.

Sergeant Reed was challenged about taking the secret feet pictures without consent – and later admitted having a “foot fetish”.

Both now face a disciplinary hearing with top brass from the South Wales force for “discreditable conduct” for their sex games in the main Cardiff Central police station.

PC Dicks argued that her breaches of professional behaviour only amounted to misconduct – and were not gross misconduct for a sacking offence.

Case presenter Barney Branston said only a finding of gross misconduct would leave the disciplinary panel with the power to dismiss the South Wales Police officer from the force.

Mr Branston told the hearing: “We rely on PC Dicks’ own admission there were multiple occasions for this activity. The factual allegations are admitted.

“The officer says the conduct admitted amounts to misconduct but not gross misconduct.”

Former sergeant Mr Reed was not at the hearing but the Police Federation had been communicating with him through his wife Alexandra, 45.

But Mr Branston said Mr Reed was claiming he only allowed PC Dicks to perform the sex act on him on one occasion.

The disciplinary charge reads: “It is alleged that PC Jemma Dicks has breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour relating to Duties and Responsibilities and Discreditable Conduct and such breaches amount to gross misconduct.

“It is alleged that on various dates between November 2017 and August 2018 PC Dicks gave PS Adam Reed oral sex in various locations at Cardiff Central Police Station.”

The hearing was told the second sexual incident between the two unfolded after PC Dicks was seen by Reed working out in the station gym with members of the firearm team.

PC Dicks said: “Reed text me to say he was on his way up and he came into the gym.

“He was in his work clothes and I could just tell from his face that he was angry and he left.

“He text ‘Kitchen now’. By the time I arrived at the kitchen he was profusely off with me.

“He exposed his penis and pushed my head towards his penis saying I had to make it up to him.”

Sergeant Reed is accused of three charges of discreditable conduct, including when another woman officer was due to take a statement from PC Dicks in his office.

The charge states said: “Whilst this officer was sitting in his office addressing that matter he used his mobile telephone to take a number of photographs of her feet.

“He did so covertly and without her consent. He has since disclosed that he did so because he has a foot fetish.”

Reed is also accused having oral sex with PC Dicks at the station and – during the middle of their affair in May 2018 – of having sexual intercourse with another unnamed serving PCSO while on duty at Cardiff Central.

PC Dicks joined Gwent Police as a special constable in 2013 at the age of 21, before moving to South Wales Police and became a full-time officer in May 2016.

The disciplinary hearing by South Wales Police being held in Pencoed, near Bridgend, is expected to last all week.

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