Female clubber stuns crowds by CLIMBING onto the second floor of a busy pub late at night

A female clubber dressed in sandals and a short skirt stunned a light night crowd by climbing onto the second floor of a popular Adelaide pub late at night.

The Footage posted on Instagram shows the young women clambering up the side of the Royal Admiral Hotel in Adelaide’s popular party precinct, Hindley St.

And the woman seems to have gained a lot of admirers over her climbing prowess, with one Instagram post reading ‘who is this girl, I wanna marry her.’

Onlookers can also be heard on the video reacting to the climb – some with admiration, others with concern.

‘If she falls, she’s gonna die,’ said a person viewing from a restaurant next door, while another simply commented: ‘shes gonna fall.’

Another stunned pub patron just said ‘what the f##k.’

The young night clubber didn’t appear to have any trouble with the climb, and at one point she even turns around to gesture to her mates to keep quiet.

The reason for the scaling of the building is related to Adelaide’s late night lock-out laws which prevent patrons from entering venues after 3am. 

The laws were introduced in late 2013 in response to violent, alcohol-fuelled crime in the city, especially party precincts, such as Hindley St.

The woman’s novel way of getting around the ban was also referenced in the sarcastic comment that accompanied the post on the Instagram page, ShitAdelaide.

‘The 3am lock-out laws are going pretty well,’ it said.

While the climb will probably not please city authorities, the women’s determination to get into the pub no matter what the cost attracted a lot of admiration on Instagram.  

‘Love a chick with determination and true grit! said whatshe_wears.

Bsket wrote: ‘What a living legend.’

‘Have to get around lock out some way,’ commented another user. 

Others noted her climbing skills.

‘Looks like she’s had some bouldering practice’ said one user, while another wrote: Spiderchick, Spiderchiiick, doin whatever a Spiderchick can.’

It’s not clear what the pub thought of the woman’s risky entry as they could not be reached for comment. 


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