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Fed-up resident drops rubbish bag full of water on to group of people in Spain

This is the moment an angry resident drops a bin bag full of water on to a group of people standing beneath their apartment in Spain.

Shocking footage shows the bag drop at least four floors before appearing to hit one of the individuals standing below.

Spain has been in lockdown for 12 days, with residents banned from leaving their homes except to buy essentials. The clip was posted to social media on March 24. 

The video shows a group of seven people, possibly children, loitering in the shade below the building. 

When the bin bag strikes one the group lets out a high pitched terrified scream.

Viewers have reacted with fury to the clip, saying the falling bag would have felt like rocks to those below and could have easily snapped someone’s neck.

It was uploaded to social media by account @witzhappening, and has been viewed more than 870,000 times. 

Spain’s stringent lockdown measures mean that those found on the street without good reason can be fined as much as €100 for breaking the law.

Spain is the second worst affected country in Europe, and has recorded 56,000 cases of the virus and more than 4,000 deaths.

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