Fears that Afghans would be left in the country kept the defence minister awake at night.


Fears that Afghans would be left in the country kept the defence minister awake at night.

As the evacuation of Afghans continues at Kabul airport, Defence Minister James Heappey stated that the idea of not saving them keeps him “awake at night.”

The idea of leaving behind Afghans who assisted Britain keeps Defence Minister James Heappey “awake at night,” according to LBC. It came as turmoil broke out at Kabul airport, when Taliban insurgents tightened their grip on the airport as Afghans attempted to evacuate.

“You’re bold enough to have served in Kabul, to have served in Helmand Province,” LBC’s Nick Ferrari challenged the former army officer.

“It’s possible that you’ve left behind those who have assisted you.

“Drivers and translators.”

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“As the Secretary of State had to say the other morning, and it saddens every single one of us here in the MOD, that is a possibility,” James Heappey responded.

“However, it is this that keeps us awake at night.

“This is what drives us.

“And every single member of the armed forces, the Border Force, and the consular personnel to make sure that there are as few individuals as possible,” he concluded.

The United Kingdom has been evacuating Britons and Afghans from Kabul, with 300 people having been flown out so far.

In total, the UK intends to assist 6,000 to 7,000 Afghan and British nationals who are eligible.

However, there have been tumultuous scenes at the Taliban checkpoints that encircle the airport.

Even with legitimate documents, many are having difficulty getting to the airport.

Afghans attempting to reach the airport have reported gunshots and beatings.

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Some terrified moms handed their infants over to British forces.

Some of the newborns were caught in the barbed wire.

“What occurred was awful,” a Parachute Regiment officer stated.

“There wasn’t a single male among us who wasn’t crying by the end of the night.”


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