Fears of French violence have caused shopkeepers in Jersey to refuse to accept goods, according to the fishing boss.


Fears of French violence have caused shopkeepers in Jersey to refuse to accept goods, according to the fishing boss.

THE JERSEY FISHERMEN’S ASSOCIATION’S PRESIDENT has told this website that merchants who had previously ordered his fish had canceled their purchases due to worries of French retaliation.

Don Thompson told this website that a Jersey fish exporter had cancelled on him due to fears of French threats. He stated that the exporter had a fleet of lorries in Portugal with warehouses full of his and his other fishermen’s goods, but that they were unable to return to pick up more due to fears of French fishermen kicking off. Mr Thompson went on to say that he was told flat out not to bother fishing because he couldn’t shift it, implying that he and his other fishermen could lose hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Mr Thompson was queried by This website about the mood on the ground following the UK government’s denial of a number of French fishing licenses.

Despite the seemingly good news, Mr Thompson was not pleased, explaining that the criticism from France has caused many Jersey fishermen to consider whether or not to stay in the profession.

Mr Thompson’s employer, a merchant, has been scared off by the criticism.

“Have we got one main export merchant, I spoke to the woman who manages it,” he explained.

“We have two lorries in Portugal, and our tanks are completely full of goods from your people,” she explained, “but we can’t buy any more because we can’t get our vehicles up from Portugal.”

“Because we’ve heard that when the trucks reach in Saint-Malo, the French may riot.”

“So, tell the boys we’re sorry, but they can’t go fishing because the tanks are full, and we’ve got £100,000 worth of stuff in the tanks.”

“They don’t know if it’ll be sold or not, and the overall scenario here is extremely challenging from an industry standpoint.”

Mr Thompson was questioned about how his members felt about the latest license rejections and whether they were warmly received.

Mr Thompson, on the other hand, was more depressed than expected, adding, “I had to inform the lads… we had a meeting with the government, but no statistics [were]presented.”

“They just notified us that they were ready to finalize some sort of deal that would end the amnesty and enable a very substantial number of [French] vessels,” Brinkwire Summary News said.


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