Fears of a war with North Korea are growing as the United Nations convenes a summit to discuss the nuclear threat.


Fears of a war with North Korea are growing as the United Nations convenes a summit to discuss the nuclear threat.

Members of the United Nations Security Council will meet on Thursday after the US requested emergency talks in the aftermath of North Korea’s sophisticated missile tests.

According to diplomatic sources, France and the United Kingdom have also pressed for the summit because of Pyongyang’s blatant celebration of a hypersonic missile test. North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs are prohibited by UN Security Council resolutions, and as a result, the country is subject to a slew of international sanctions.

With tensions in the region at an all-time high, North Korea argues it needs such weapons for defense as the US increases its military presence in the region following a nuclear submarine pact with the British and Australians.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in reiterated his desire for a formal declaration of the Korean War’s end at the recent United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean president, has lately promised to reinstate an inter-Korean emergency hotline.

North Korean official media presented Kim Jong-opinions un’s on settling the wider situation during his annual parliament session speech.

“The United States promotes ‘diplomatic engagement…’ “However, it is nothing more than a petty tactic for fooling the world community and concealing its hostile deeds, as well as an extension of the hostile strategy adopted by succeeding US administrations,” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said.

When it comes to the so-called “hotline” to Seoul, “Whether or not inter-Korean relations will be mended or continue to deteriorate relies on the attitude of the South Korean government,” Mr Kim said. Kim Yo-jong, the North Korean leader’s sister and a senior government figure, echoed the attitude toward diplomacy when she said last week: “What needs to be dropped is the double-dealing attitudes and hostile stand of justifying their own acts while criticizing our just exercise of the right to self-defense.” “Only when such a prerequisite is met, would it be able to sit face to face and declare the significant termination of war,” Ms Kim added, referring to the technically still ongoing Korean war. As tensions in the region rise, South Korea has spent billions on military modernization to counter Pyongyang’s activities.

However, the escalating militarization is quickly turning into a regional arms race, with ramifications far beyond the Korean peninsula. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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