Fears of a Russian war: Why is Vladimir Putin causing so much concern around the world?


Fears of a Russian war: Why is Vladimir Putin causing concern around the world?

For years, Russia has been a major headache for many countries, but the world is now very concerned about the country and its leader, Vladimir Putin, for a very important reason.

According to military intelligence from around the world, Russia is planning an invasion of Ukraine in January.

Although the country has denied the allegations, Ukraine is racing to upgrade its navy and fine-tune its military response in anticipation of a threat from the country.

But why are so many people worried about Russia?

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In the Black Sea, south of Ukraine, Russia has increased military drills.

Because of increased NATO activity near its borders, the country stated that it needed to conduct these drills in order to improve the combat readiness of its conventional and nuclear forces.

According to recent military intelligence, it is expected that Russia will invade Ukraine.

The scale of Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine was laid out by Ukrainian commander Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Kyiv’s defence intelligence agency.

Russia’s recent actions appear to be part of a pre-invasion strategy.

After weeks of rising tensions, both sides have increased military activity.

NATO and the United States have demonstrated their support for Ukraine by deploying warships and delivering US patrol boats to the US Navy.

Moscow has labeled these actions as provocative and antagonistic.

On Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss issued a warning to Russia, saying that attacking Ukraine would be a “grave mistake” for the country.

Last week, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson chastised Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged him to intervene in the ongoing migrant crisis at the Poland-Belarus border.

She wrote in the Telegraph that the UK would not turn a blind eye to Belarus’ use of “desperate migrants as pawns” in a “carefully crafted crisis.”

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, blamed the crisis on the United Kingdom.

“The British invasion of Iraq was meticulously planned,” she explained.

“Everything that has happened in the region since – the deaths of Iraqis, the destruction of Iraqi statehood, the endless flows of refugees, the emergence of ISIS, the humanitarian disasters in this part of the world – Britain bears a clear historical responsibility.”

Russian ships and figure plans practiced repelling air attacks on naval bases and retaliating with air strikes.

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