Fears of a fourth wave: The NHS is projected to be strained this winter as a result of a “triple whammy.”


Fears of a fourth wave: The NHS is projected to be strained this winter as a result of a “triple whammy.”

An expert has warned that a “triple whammy” of illnesses might overwhelm the NHS this winter.

The Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS) issued a paper warning that measures are needed to prevent up to 60,000 flu deaths this winter.

Many factors, according to research, will contribute to increased pressure on the NHS.

The epidemic has wreaked havoc on the healthcare system, but flu and respiratory syncytial virus are expected to add to the burden next winter.

During a virtual briefing, Prof Azra Ghani FMedSci, a member of the expert advisory group for the Academy’s report, said, “What is clear is the triple whammy of these infections, on top of the backlog of routine care, is going to potentially disrupt services in the coming weeks and put severe strain on the NHS and staff.”

Most restrictions will be relaxed on Monday, prompting medical experts to predict a spike in Covid cases across the country.

Many illnesses that are more difficult to catch due to social distancing and mask wear will be more easily spread across the country.

According to the estimate, between 15,000 and 60,000 people could die from the flu as a result of this.

In a typical year prior to Covid, the infection claimed the lives of 10,000 to 30,000 people.

The AMS research also warned that the respiratory syncytial virus could increase by 25 to 65 percent in youngsters under the age of five.

This might result in 40,000 youngsters being admitted to hospitals, compared to 20,000 before the outbreak.

“Children’s wards and paediatric intensive care units may be overburdened,” according to AMS.

Flu and respiratory syncytial virus cases are on the rise, and a fourth wave of Covid might overwhelm the NHS.

This warning comes after a Downing Street insider stated that the Prime Minister may make Covid passports necessary in order to combat the fall storm.

“Vaccine passports could become an essential tool for us to keep things open in the autumn,” a Downing Street source told the Times.

Before entering, people would have to produce confirmation of vaccination or a negative Covid test, according to the proposed plans.

Another government source agreed that vaccination passports should be enforced.

“If we can illustrate true benefits of vaccination in terms of everyday life,” they told the Times, “it may be quite a useful tool.”

Face masks from Monday. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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