Fears of a big cat sighting have been raised after the infamous Exmoor Beast was spotted prowling the British countryside.


Fears of a big cat sighting: the infamous Beast of Exmoor has been spotted prowling the British countryside.

A MAN claims to have seen what he believes to be the infamous Beast of Exmoor and has taken photographs of the “big cat” sighting.

When Sam Aston, 30, was out walking his dog, he came across the massive animal.

He described the creature as black, with a long tail, and resembling a phantom cat that has been seen in the area since the 1970s.

Mr Aston quickly snapped a photo of the beast, claiming that it wasn’t a dog, a cow, or any other domestic animal.

“It was about 11.45 a.m. and I looked into a big open empty field to my left and 200 or 300 yards away a black animal was running,” he explained.

“I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I took a picture with my phone to identify it.”

“I’m a wildlife photographer, so I went through a mental checklist to see if it was a dog, a deer, or a cow.”

“I started checking off these animals,” Mr Aston told the Daily Star.

It ran like a cat, but this country has no cats that big.

“It was the size of a large Labrador Retriever.

I watched it run for about 10 seconds because it had a long tail.

It was gone after that.

“I know what I believe it was, but seeing a big cat in the UK is extremely unlikely.”

“I’m a professional dog walker, so I know what it’s like to walk a dog.”

And dogs and cats have very different personalities.

“It was probably years or decades ago if it was a big cat.”

“They’re shy animals who don’t seek conflict; I’d gladly return there.”

Lisa and Nathan Deere told The Sun in May 2021 that they had seen the Beast of Exmoor as well.

They claimed they were 500 yards away from a puma-like beast running across a field.

“It’s the size of an Alsatian,” Mrs Deere, 32, told the outlet.

It has a tail that appears to be longer than a typical cat’s.

It was a massive structure.

“We were in the middle of the field, a long way away.”

The grass will probably cover it if you put a house cat there.

“It’s it.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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