Father who had been’swayed’ by anti-vaxx propaganda yearned for a vaccine before passing away in the hospital.


Father who had been’swayed’ by anti-vaxx propaganda yearned for a vaccine before passing away in the hospital.

A FATHER who had been “swayed” by anti-vax propaganda wanted his COVID-19 vaccine shot before he died in the hospital.

While in hospital at Christmas, Stephen Doyle, 45, sent a message to his ex-partner Nichola, saying he would be “getting the jabs” as soon as he could.

The Cheshire father-of-nine, however, died of Covid complications on January 3 in Warrington Hospital.

Mr Doyle expressed his disappointment in not being allowed any visitors over the holidays in the heartbreaking messages.

His ex-partner, on the other hand, reassured him that the family would “have another Christmas Day.”

“We will most definitely have another Xmas day when you are out, the food, the presents, the lot,” Nichola told him over Whatsapp. “But as long as your (sic) okay and on the mend and we will still have you here, (sic) missing Xmas is not a big deal right now.”

“I’ll record them turning on their mains and send you a bunch of pictures as well.”

Mr Doyle responded, “Okay thank you, if you get a Christmas picture, get one of them close together so it will (fit) on my screen saver, please give them the best day they still deserve it.”

“As soon as I can, I’ll get the shots.”

His cousin Michelle Pierce spoke out on behalf of the family after his death, revealing that he was against the vaccination before being admitted to the hospital.

“When Stephen was in hospital, he texted his former partner Nichola and said, ‘I’m getting the jabs as soon as I can,'” she told Cheshire Live.

“He stated that he did not want to go through this again.”

Regrettably, he never had the opportunity to get vaccinated.

He’d missed his chance.

“He was anti-vaccination before he went in, and I believe he was swayed by all the social media chatter.”

“He didn’t have any underlying illnesses.”

He was in good shape.”

Mr Doyle had already been admitted to the hospital due to Covid, but was released with antibiotics in mid-December.

His family claims they don’t know if he was discharged, but he was self-isolating.

On December 22, his former partner went to see him and dialed 999 when she discovered him “very unwell.”

Mr Doyle was readmitted to the hospital because he was having trouble breathing and had very low oxygen levels in his blood.

He was relocated within 24 hours.

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