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Father accused of battering his five-month-old baby to death is set to be released on bail

A father accused of murdering his five-month-old son is set to be released on bail with strict conditions. 

Kozan Samuel Thomas Ware, of Woodridge, was charged with murdering Adrian Joshua Wommie Ware after being found unresponsive in a Brisbane home in March 2017.

The incident took place at a residence on Russell St in Cleveland on March 28. 

An autopsy revealed the baby suffered bleeding around the brain, a torn vein near the brainstem, damage to an optical nerve and a scalp wound. 

The decision comes two years after the 34-year-old posted a chain of tributes to the boy on social media in 2018 – a year after the incident.

He wrote: ‘I can’t believe this is the day God took you from me… my heart bleeds every day and every night.

‘Today is the day my world flipped upside down… my life changed after this day… I would do anything to see your cheeky smile one more time… Dad will see you when I get there my baby angel.’ 

In a separate post in 2018, Ware wrote: ‘Words can’t explain my pain right now, my life will never be the same. This day will always break me for the rest of my life. 

‘All I can do is pray that you protect your mum and brother and sisters. We all miss you and love you our little angel… rest in paradise my baby.’

In November 2017, the then 32-year-old wrote alongside a picture he posted of the baby: ‘God was supposed to take me first not you my baby boy.’

Adrian’s death sparked a joint investigation by two police child protection units before Ware was arrested and charged.

Justice Peter Callaghan told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday he would release Ware once his lawyer and the prosecutor agreed on the proposed bail conditions.

These are expected to include reporting to police on a daily basis and wearing an electronic tracking device.

The hearing continues. 

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