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Farmer Wants A Wife EXCLUSIVE: Sam Reitano announces shock ENGAGEMENT to mystery woman

Farmer Sam Reitano from Channel Seven’s Farmer Wants A Wife reboot is engaged. 

However, the 28-year-old tropical fruit farmer didn’t propose to the girlfriend, a fan named Kirsten, he introduced to viewers during the finale on Tuesday night.

In a shocking chain of events, Daily Mail Australia can reveal Sam actually popped the question to a former ex-girlfriend in recent weeks.


An inside source told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday that Sam dated Katelen Cunningham, 28, before joining the series and reunited with her shortly after filming the reunion in March.

On August 1, three weeks before the show’s finale aired, Sam and Katelen announced their engagement on Facebook. The posts have since been deleted and hidden.

While most of the loved-up announcements have disappeared, one of Katelen’s friends on Facebook thanked Sam for making the blonde beauty so happy.

He responded: ‘She is very special and amazing. So proud to have her!’ 

Katelen, who is a dental nurse and remedial therapist, still has an engagement ring emoji and Sam’s initials ‘SLR’ in her private Instagram bio. 

‘The girls were so shocked when they saw the announcement on Facebook. I assume he was told to delete a few things because they had posted photos and videos on Facebook dating back to late May/early June,’ the source claimed. 

They also claimed that some of the FWAW cast were encouraged to ‘unfollow’ Sam’s new fiancée by producers in attempt to keep the spoiler under wraps.     

It’s unclear when Sam parted ways from FWAW fan girlfriend Kirsten, whom he introduced on Tuesday’s finale episode.

‘Her name’s Kirsten. She liked one of my videos that was posted for the show, and we got in contact with each other,’ he explained. 

Sam said his family already ‘love her to bits’, and Kirsten admitted she would happily move to the farm to be with him.

‘Honestly, I can’t go a day without talking to her. She’s been the best thing that’s come into my life,’ Sam confessed.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Sam Reitano for comment.

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