Farage cringes as he watches a montage of Biden’s gaffes. ‘What was that all about?!’ says the narrator.


Farage cringes as he watches a montage of Biden’s gaffes. ‘What was that all about?!’ says the narrator.

As he reviewed a montage of President Joe Biden’s bloopers since his election, GB News host Nigel Farage questioned whether he was suited for the White House.

On his evening GB News show, Nigel Farage asked viewers what they thought of President Joe Biden’s ability to lead the United States and the free world. Mr Farage expressed concern for Mr Biden’s health by sharing several videos of the US vice president stumbling through press appearances and making other gaffes. Mr Biden is unfit for power, according to the former Brexit Party leader, who sympathized with him because he was concerned about his health.

Mr Farage, speaking on GB News, showed a montage of images showing Vice President Biden fumbling through interviews and press conferences, questioning his competence to manage.

The first video was taken during a presidential town hall meeting in July, during which Mr Biden was seen “rambling” about whether or not there was a man on the moon while discussing the vaccine.

Mr. Biden, who is known for his stutter, appeared to be addressing anti-vaccine fears while attempting to make a point about how children would know if a man had walked on the moon if all they spoke to are other children.

Because anti-vaxxers all cluster together, the president was trying to make an analogy to explain why they think what they believe.

“I mean, what was that all about? I know that was some sort of English, but heaven gracious me, you need an interpreter to get through it,” Mr Farage yelled.

“I mean, he was not coherent in any way in that answer, and that was back in July; now look at Joe Biden, delivering a press conference just after the Taliban took control of Kabul.”

The following video shows Mr. Biden storming out of a news conference after refusing to answer questions from the assembled journalists.

“So that was that, Kabul has fallen, it is a disaster on every level, and he won’t accept a single question from the press,” Mr Farage concluded.

“Why? Because his assistants, those in charge of him, don’t believe he’s capable of responding.”

Another video showed Vice President Biden being probed by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during an interview. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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