Fans of the Royal Family were taken aback by the news. HBO has given the go-ahead for a spoof on Prince George that is “very harsh.”


Fans of the Royal Family were taken aback by the news. HBO has given the go-ahead for a spoof on Prince George that is “very harsh.”

PRINCE A royal expert described George’s portrayal in the new HBO animated series The Prince as “a little edgy,” as the satire mocks the 8-year-old future king.

The portrayal of Prince George, his younger siblings, and the Royal Family in HBO’s new animated series “The Prince” has split audiences, with one royal specialist sharing her “mixed views” about the satirical comedy. On July 29, Gary Janetti, one of the show’s creators, published the 12-part series to mixed reviews from critics and royal enthusiasts.

Molly Mulshine told Royally Us: “I think it’s pretty amusing,” she said, “but I have such mixed feelings about it overall.”

“I do stand-up comedy, so I’m all for making jokes about everything and anything; nothing is holy to me.”

“At the same time, some of the jokes on his Instagram account were pretty cruel and involved little kids, so I was just really surprised that this is receiving a mainstream stamp of approval from HBO because it feels a little edgy sometimes,” she says.

”It’s interesting that they went there because Prince George is a minor,” said her co-host Joe Drake.

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Prince George is presented as an entitled and devious influencer who enjoys spreading royal rumors in the animated series.

Other members of the Royal Family are depicted as well, with Prince Charles referring to Camilla as a horse and Kate despising her husband, Prince William.

The Queen is frequently seen shouting and brandishing a revolver, while Prince George’s butler, Alan Cumming, is depicted as despising his boss.

The show has also been chastised for portraying Prince Philip as a frail and elderly man.

Prince William is shown straining his mouth open to drink tea while the late Duke of Edinburgh sits unmoving in one scene.

HBO said that the show would be postponed owing to Prince Philip’s illness. It was originally scheduled to premiere in late spring.

While Prince Harry is mocked for being a spoiled brat who can’t shop for himself, Meghan Markle is the only character who hasn’t been cruelly attacked.

Gary Janetti’s Instagram page, where he often produced imitation drawings of Prince George, inspired the series. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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