Fans of Prince Harry are ecstatic as they mock Piers Morgan following his speech, calling it “icing on the cake.”


Fans of Prince Harry are ecstatic as they mock Piers Morgan following his speech, calling it “icing on the cake.”

PIERS MORGAN was teased on social media after watching Prince Harry receive a standing ovation at the GQ Man of the Year awards.

The London crowd, which Harry addressed from California, gave him a standing ovation.

Mr Morgan, the former Good Morning Britain co-host who has become a vocal opponent of the Sussexes, was among those in attendance.

“We adore him, yes, we miss him,” the host said as he welcomed Harry.

“Please join me in welcoming Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, live from California.”

Harry gave a speech criticizing coronavirus misinformation and encouraging developed countries to share vaccines with developing ones.

Sussex supporters praised Harry’s address on social media, while mocking Piers Morgan for being forced to listen.

“The opening to Harry’s speech was incredibly cute!” one Twitter fan account, which had a portrait of Meghan as its profile picture, tweeted.

“He received a standing ovation, and to top it off, Piers Morgan was in the audience.”

She closed the post with an emoji that depicted a “joyful face with tears.”

“Piers being there is just icing on the cake,” another Twitter user said.

“They presumably said ‘we miss you’ to send a message to Piers Morgan and other royalist bigots in the audience,” a third speculated.

“Oh sure, his face must have gone all red,” a fourth said, referring to Mr Morgan.

“There was no escaping, and he had to sit and listen to the person who had gotten his dream wife. As my people would say, I am quite happy.”

Mr Morgan recognized the unique scenario on social media, posting an article about him watching Harry’s address live and captioning it “#awks.”

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, a lawyer and political activist, also chastised the former Good Morning Britain host for his treatment of Prince Philip.

She linked one of Mr Morgan’s recent tweets to an article he published after Philip was involved in a vehicle accident in 2019.

“Piers Morgan: It’s time the Queen gave her nasty, stubborn, insensitive, arrogant, and dangerous Duke of Hazard his driving marching orders,” according to the article from 2019.

“Piers Morgan’s hypocrisy knows no bounds,” Dr. Mos-Shogbamimu tweeted. He called 97-year-old Prince Phillip the “rudest human being I’ve ever encountered.”

“In 2019, the Demanded Queen gives him marching orders. But, yes, y’all know about his right to free speech, right?”

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