Fans of ‘Dota 2’ TI10 are dissatisfied with the artificial crowd cheer feature, and they have some suggestions.


Fans of ‘Dota 2’ TI10 are dissatisfied with the artificial crowd cheer feature, and they have some suggestions.

The TI10 for “Dota 2” began on October 7. However, it differs from prior The International esports tournaments in that the organizers confirmed that the venue would not be able to accommodate the current event’s audience.

Will Ceb Play in ‘Dota 2’ TI 10? Brinkwire News: Will Ceb Play in ‘Dota 2’ TI 10? OG Issues a Medical Update Regarding His Eye Illness The organizers of “Dota 2” opted to utilize an artificial crowd cheer tool called Spectator Cheer to make the situation more exciting. Fans can use this option to send virtual cheers.

However, it appears that fans of the famous game are dissatisfied with the simulated crow cheers. Members of the “Dota 2” subreddit are currently voicing their thoughts, which are mostly unfavorable.

“For TI10, they included the ability to play a cheer sound for everyone watching by clicking on the team logos in-game. Is it possible to silence or turn it off? Ideally, without totally muting the game’s sound “one of the subreddit’s members said

Suggestions from TI10 fans of ‘Dota 2’

The present artificial crowd cheer of the ongoing “Dota 2” The International 10 can’t be turned off, according to PC Gamer’s latest report. For the time being, the “Dota 2” TI10 tech team has not announced whether or not they will soon give an option to disable the fake crow cheer for people who don’t want to use it.

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The current The International 10 event is suffering from a lack of crowd, and the Spectator Cheer appears to be ineffective. As a result, some of the complainants offered suggestions.

They went on to say that “Dota 2” organizers should improve the function to make it more interactive. They did emphasize, though, that being present would be the best choice for resolving the problem.

Fans will have to wait a little longer because the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is forcing government officials to impose safety measures in order to prevent further infections.

Team Standings in ‘Dota 2’ Right Now

Thunder Predator and Quincy Crew have already been eliminated from the TI10, according to Dot Esports. Here are the remaining teams and their standings as of right now:, Groun A UndyingAlliance Invictus Gaming is a gaming company based in the United States. OGT1 Evil Geniuses Team Aster PSG.LGD is the name of the second group. Secretbeastcoast’s team Vici GamingElephantSG is a registered trademark of Vici GamingElephantSG. Esports Spirit of the FnaticTeam The current “Dota 2” esports competition would be extended. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.


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