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Fanny flutters and a penguin: Meet the outrageous girls of The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Locklan ‘Locky’ Gilbert journey to find love got off to a dramatic start as he met his stunning line-up of ladies.

On Wednesday night, the former Australian Survivor star, 30, was spoilt for choice as he met a bevvy of flirtatious beauties who pulled out the stops to impress him.  

In the beginning of the episode, Locky couldn’t contain his nerves as he told host Osher Günsberg: ‘Hopefully tonight I’ll meet the girl I want to marry.’

And the hunk was spoilt for choice when fiery red-head Zoe-Clare, 23, admitted he gave her ‘fanny flutters’, Rosemary, 24, arrived in a penguin suit and stunning Leilani, 27, jokingly asked him if he wanted to ‘get Lei’d.’   

Things kicked off with stunning Steph, 26, who immediately enjoyed a playful debate on how spicy they like their burritos. 

Locky’s spice levels were put to the test as next contestant Izzy, 29, forced him to eat a chilli for her.  

It was then time for professional dancer Nicole, 26, who looked incredible in a glamorous outfit as she asked Locky to do a dance with her. 

‘I suck at dancing,’ Locky said, adding: I’m this big goofy guy!’ However, he proved himself wrong as partook in a sweet little dance with Nicole. 

The hunk was infatuated with contestant Irena, 31, as he told her: ‘Wow, bombshell! That dress is amazing!’

He then told the camera: ‘There was something about her. I felt warm with her’ 

Addressing her job as a nurse, Locky cheekily admitted: ‘She did get my pulse racing.’ 

Things took a dramatic turn as contestant Areeba, 25, exited the car. She confidently declared: ‘I’m a boss at work, boss at home, and a boss in a relationship.’ 

Areeba continued: ‘I don’t let anyone get in my way. I’m competitive, and my game is to win the guy and get the rose . I don’t play games unless I know i’m going to win!’

‘I tend to do whatever I want. I’m fun bossy, and everything you dream off,’ she continued – while also executing the same assertive behaviour during her meeting with Locky. 

Things loosened up as Rosemary arrived in a playful penguin costume, and was happy to bring a bit of light entertainment to proceedings.

Things took an interesting turn when Zoe-Clare arrived and offered the hunk a beverage. ‘Do you want to have a drink?’ she asked. 

‘100 per cent,’ he replied. The fiery red-head then showed him how to open a beer bottle with her teeth. 

It turned out to be a skill he was already well-versed in, and it pleased Zoe-Clare to no end.  

‘He can do what I can do,’ she said in interview, before admitting she was experiencing ‘fanny flutters’.  

Contestant Laura, 24, didn’t appear to get on Locky’s good side as she said: ‘I am a snob. I quite enjoy, you know, like, the Louis Vuitton handbag, nice Chanel earrings, like, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo.’

She confidently asked the hunk: ‘When we’re together, how much will you spend on my birthday present?’

Taken off-guard Locky explained: ‘I’m not massive on spending a heap of money on something.

‘I like more doing a gesture or going out on in nature.’

Charley, 25, was the first contestant to recognise Locky for Australian Survivor, and the starstruck beauty couldn’t help but let the other girls know who he was.

Meanwhile, Locky was mesmerised by the final woman, Bella. 

‘I got lost in your eyes there. I feel great that you’re here!’ he said, and later told producers she gave him ‘weird little butterflies’. 

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