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Family’s fury as Satanist double killer who stabbed dog groomer & bride-to-be to death to be released from jail in days

A SATANIST double killer who slaughtered two women will be freed in days after 35 years behind bars – to the fury of one of his victim’s family who fear he will strike again.

Paul Bostock was a teen Satanist when he murdered bride-to-be Amanda Weedon, stabbing the young nurse 39 times in a frenzied attack.

Bostock had previously himself said he should die in jail, and Amanda’s family are ‘utterly revulsed’ that he is walking free on August 31.

Her brother Martin Weedon, who is considering appealing the Parole Board decision, said: “He carried out two horrific murders, he was fascinated with knives, black magic and death.

“You can never fix the brain of a guy like this. If he comes out he could do it again.

“The Victim Support rep called me today to say he was being freed on tag at the end of the month and we have 21 days to appeal.

“We haven’t decided whether to or not as appeals don’t normally affect the decision.”

Retired service delivery driver Martin, 61, from Leicestershire added: “We don’t think he ever should be released. It will be horrendous and we feel utterly revulsed.

“We will get a full report in the next 24-48 hours giving the reasons for his parole and they have taken into account the risk factor.”

Bostock stabbed to death his first victim 33-year-old dog groomer Caroline Osborne in Aylestone Meadows, Leicestershire, in July 1983. 

He was visiting her grave 21 months later when he targeted Amanda, who was ‘wearing red boots’ as she took a short cut through the cemetery on her way home from work.

Bostock, now 53, made his latest plea for freedom during a recent remote hearing from Sudbury Prison in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Over the past few years he has slowly being allowed back into society on days out – paving the way for his full release. 

His bid for parole had been hampered twice by the coronavirus lockdown and by last autumn’s London Bridge terror attack.

Bostock has been enjoying days out from his open jail and has been working unsupervised with a tag, the source added.

Martin, who dialled in to deliver a victim personal statement, said he had hoped to look his sister’s killer in the eye, but the hearing was held remotely due to Covid social distancing rules.

He explained: “I would like to have seen his reaction when I read out my statement – it wasn’t vindictive, just a heartfelt plea to the board and to spell out the impact his appalling actions have had on our family.”

Bostock, a meat factory worker from Beaumont Leys, Leics, was dobbed into cops by his own gran, who branded him a sexual sadist obsessed by the occult.

He was jailed for life, aged 19, in June 1986 after a year on remand. He was just 17 when he randomly killed Caroline and 18 when he murdered Amanda. 

He once said he should never be released, saying: “I am an animal who deserves to be locked away.

“If I suffer for a hundred years, I will still deserve more.”

Amanda, 21, had been due to marry her fiancee three months after she was stabbed to death in April 1985 near the Leicester hospital where she worked.

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