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Family of deer narrowly miss being hit by FIGHTER JETS after dashing across an RAF runway 

This dramatic footage shows the heart-stopping moment a family of deer had a near miss with two Typhoon fighter jets.

The animals were spotted darting across the runway at a Royal Air Force air base after waiting for the perfect moment to cross while the planes were taking off.

All three roe deer escaped unharmed from their close encounter with the planes – which have a staggering top speed of 1,550 mph.

Aviation enthusiast James Feneley, 52, captured the moment at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, last Friday. 

The animals were seen earlier in the morning exploring the base.

Mr Feneley said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw them, they must have got through a fence somehow.

‘They came out just as the Typhoons were taxiing out to take off.

‘I think the deer came as a bit of a shock to the pilots themselves.’

According to Mr Feneley, security staff were later able to help the deer out of the fenced-off base.

Mr Feneley has been interested in aircraft for 40 years and started photographing planes in 1984.

He said: ‘I usually go to Coningsby when they are night flying which is one week every month.’

RAF Coningsby was opened in 1941 and served as an RAF Bomber Command station until the early 1960s.

Now it is the training station for Typhoon pilots and is one of two RAF Quick Reaction Alert Stations which protect UK airspace.

It is home to two front-line, combat-ready squadrons with almost 3,000 people working on site.

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