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Family keeps life-long promise to give away half their money after winning $5million 

A lucky family who won $5million in a mega Lotto draw have vowed to give their friends half their winnings. 

Many years ago the couple from West Auckland, in New Zealand, promised two other family members they would split the prize money if they ever won. 

‘We’ve always said that if one of us won Lotto, we’d share it,’ the woman said.

‘So there was no question in our mind when we found out we’d won we would split the prize.’

The couple were one of 10 winners in Saturday’s massive $50m prize, each taking home $5million. 

Another winner was a musician, in his 20s, who had never bought a ticket before the weekends draw rolled around. 

He said he plans to buy at least one new guitar and book some time in a studio so he can record an album.

‘I still can’t believe this happened. This win will set me up for life and gives me so many opportunities for the future.’

Lotto head of communications Marie Winfield said the weekend’s draw was the biggest number of Powerball winners they had seen.

‘The winners from Napier and Invercargill have yet to claim their prizes – but we expect to hear from them soon.

‘Either they know they have won and are laying low for a while to let the gravity of their life-changing windfall can sink in, or they are completely oblivious and have a very big surprise in store for them.’ 

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