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Family dog that went missing a YEAR ago is reunited with his owners after being found 150km away

A family has been reunited with their pet dog after he was found more than 100km from home a year after he went missing.

The border collie, named Appy, disappeared from Adelaide 12 months ago but was found in Morgan, 150km away, by a Mid-Murray Council worker this week.  

How the dog managed to make the 150km trip or how he survived for the past year remain a mystery.  

Mid-Murrau Council mayor Dave Burgess said if not for microchip technology Appy’s family may never have been found, The Advertiser reported.

‘[Pet database] Dogs and Cats Online has encouraged cross-council collaboration and makes it easy to find owners because you only need to search the one register,’ he said.

As of 2018 desexing and microchips were made mandatory in South Australia with local councils policing the rule. 

After the councils opted to use Dogs and Cats Online, the service received 26,000 pet renewals for the register in the first 24 hours. 

Board chairman David Parkin said Appy being reunited with his family was a perfect example of the service and the laws at work. 

‘These laws help more lost dogs and cats return to their owners, promote responsible pet ownership and improve council services for dog and cat owners,’ he said. 

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