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Family book to stay in £500-per-night children’s playhouse listed on Airbnb as a joke

A CHILD’S playhouse listed on Airbnb for a joke has been booked by a family — paying £500 for the night.

Father-of-five Jason Kneen built the 8ft by 6ft (2.4m x 1.8m) structure in his garden during lockdown.

He then advertised it on the popular travel website “for fun” — but didn’t think anyone would stump up £500 to stay.

The playhouse cost him around £3,500. It boasts a balcony, slide, ladder, trapdoor and internet access.

The loo is in a nearby replica Doctor Who Tardis.

App developer Jason, 49, of Ludgershall, Wilts, who is making other facilities available, said: “We thought nobody would be interested. But last weekend we got an inquiry.

“They’re staying on Saturday. The husband said they have two children, aged ten and five — they’ve just been going on about it.

“There’s little bunk beds inside. It’s all open, it’s just a small space. We’re going to keep listing it — if we get few of these it will have paid for itself!”

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