Families of 9/11 victims are furious, accusing the FBI of misrepresenting or destroying evidence.


Families of 9/11 victims are furious, accusing the FBI of misrepresenting or destroying evidence.

FAMILY MEMBERS OF THE 9/11 Terrorists have asked a US government watchdog to look into their claims that the FBI misrepresented or destroyed evidence linking Saudi Arabia to the hijackers.

The family members alleged in a letter to Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz that “circumstances make it likely that one or more FBI officials engaged in willful wrongdoing with the purpose to destroy or conceal evidence in order to prevent disclosure.”

“Given the importance of the missing material at issue to the 9/11 investigation, as well as the FBI’s repeated mismanagement of that evidence, an innocent explanation is not believable,” they said in their letter.

“Our government is either lying about the evidence it has or actively destroying it, and I don’t know which is worse,” Brett Eagleson, son of victim Bruce Eagleson, said in an interview.

The letter, which was signed by over 3,500 people, asked Mr Horowitz to look into FBI allegations that the agency “lost or is simply no longer able to find vital material” regarding the hijackers in response to the families’ claims.

Despite the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi Arabians, the country has denied any involvement in the jet attacks.

This comes as US President Joe Biden has been warned not to attend any planned memorial events until he declassifies data related to the attacks.

“We cannot, in good faith, and with reverence for those who have died, been sickened, or been harmed, welcome the president to our holy grounds until he meets his commitment,” they wrote.

The documents were refused to be declassified by the governments of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, all citing national security concerns.

However, the family members claim that there is no reason to “keep this information secret” after 20 years.

“Twenty years later, there is just no rationale – unfounded claims of ‘national security’ or otherwise – to keep this material hidden,” they said.

“However, if President Biden breaks his promise and sides with the Saudi monarchy, we will be forced to publicly protest to his administration’s involvement in any 9/11 memorial ceremony.”

Mr. Biden applauded the Justice Department’s commitment to a re-examination of its claims of privilege as to why some information could not be given in August.

“My administration is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of transparency possible under.”Brinkwire Summary News,” he said.


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