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Fake mews! Cat owners entertain themselves by transforming their pets into Trump lookalikes

Blissfully unaware of the coronavirus chaos, pets across the world suddenly find themselves getting to spend far more time with their human companions under lockdown. 

While dogs are likely thrilled, cats, known for their independence, must be rather perplexed at this turn of events.

To make matters worse for them, some cat owners in the US, who suddenly find themselves with more time on their hands than usual, have been playing Purresidential dress-up with their feline friends.

Owners have been collecting their ginger cat’s moulted hair after giving them a brush to fashion feline toupees in the iconic Trump comb-over style.

One patriotic owner even went a step further, giving their beloved moggie the full treatment with a bright red tie to match Trump’s, much to the bewilderment of their furry friend.

The internet trend, which has been around on-and-off for for a few years, has gained popularity once more in the last couple of weeks as people find new ways to entertain themselves, and share the fun online.

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