‘F****** Brexit!’ exclaims one. Remainers are furious when Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram all fall offline in the United Kingdom.


‘F****** Brexit!’ exclaims one. Remainers are furious when Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram all fall offline in the United Kingdom.

Brexit has been blamed by Remainers for the nationwide outage of Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Hundreds of millions of people are experiencing significant disruptions on Facebook and its connected services, such as Whatsapp and Instagram.

Many individuals have resorted to Twitter to vent their displeasure, with some blaming Brexit.

Many people have vented their frustrations on Twitter, which has remained unaffected, and some have blamed Brexit.

Remainers are among those who have expressed their opinions on the matter.

Many people believe that the problems that the people are facing are related to Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Twitter was swamped with posts blaming Brexit and the government, particularly Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who pushed Britain’s exit from the EU ahead of schedule.

Others, meanwhile, were enraged, comparing the outage to the current fuel crisis in the UK, as well as food shortages in stores around the country.

“First petrol shortage now, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp fall down?!?” wrote @19youngstar84. Brexit is f******!” “Is Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram down because of supply chain issues?” wrote another user, @priteshpatel9. Workers? Brexit? “Is there a fuel shortage?” @MemoryL66809557 expressed a similar opinion, describing the string of events as “the end of the world.”

“Pandemics, fuel shortages, Brexit, food shortages, polar ice-cap melting, and now Facebook down,” they said. I’m not sure what more to say if that doesn’t indicate the end of the world.” Following recent news of HGV driver shortages, which saw motorists panic-buying petrol, leaving forecourts across the country without supplies, a fourth said that Brexit “had a lot to blame for.”

“First gas, then turkeys, then lorry drivers and petrol, and now whatsapp,” tweeted @stuartwilks. “Brexit has a lot of explaining to do…” Another user on the forum wondered if the downtime was the result of a cyber assault or “yet another Brexit teething problem.”

“Facebook and Whats App are down,” tweeted @HaddenhamJohn. Is it a cyberattack or just another stumbling block in the Brexit process?” “Facebook and Instagram are down,” @Stanley31173347 added. This is the price you pay for voting in favor of Brexit.” Others, including @davecollins1066, humorously compared the outage to other global concerns such as the COVID-19 epidemic, writing: “1st there was Brexit, then came COVID.” No, or only a small amount of fuel. We no longer have any HGV drivers. “Brinkwire Summary News,” to add to the confusion.


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