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‘Extreme cheapskate’ mums confess the things they’ve done to save extra money

A group of Australian ‘cheapskate’ mothers have confessed the ‘extreme’ things they have done to save some extra money, from charging their devices at work to cutting makeup wipes into quarters.

The women shared their secret habits on Facebook after one lady said she writes in pencil on birthday cards and Christmas card tags so she can reuse them again the following year.

‘I want to see some awesome extreme cheapskate stuff… and GO!’ She said to start them off.

Urban Dictionary defines a ‘cheapskate’ as somebody who ‘buys cheap in favour of higher quality or better stuff even though they might be able to afford the better’.

‘Perhaps ungenerously trying not to spend much on their friends.’

One money saver answered by saying she doesn’t use cards at all or just gets her children to write a sweet message on the wrapping paper.

Others freeze bread and milk so it doesn’t go off for weeks, recycle newspaper and use it as wrapping paper and stockpile cans of food when certain items are 50 per cent off.

‘I planted old potatoes that were growing and am now growing very healthy potato plants. Every second day I clean out the hen house and add the straw into them along with some dirt to build it up… I’m trying to encourage some tomato growth now,’ said one amateur gardener.

‘I have an extra large Christmas gift bag for each of my children with their names in bold that get reused every year. I also have a gift card or box for each of them if they receive any gift cards or money,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I know someone who charges all of their devices at work’.

This last addition seemed to be a common use of a cheapskate’s time, with one niece saying her uncle was prone to using work resources to save on cash.

‘He rides his bike to work, showers at work, makes coffee and breakfast there, and charges his phone there to avoid using electricity, gas and water at home,’ the girl said.

‘He got really excited when the park down the road installed free BBQs and he goes down there once a week to cook his dinner.’

One woman piped up to say she found some letter foil balloons in the reduced ‘bin’ at The Reject Shop, so she purchased ones that spelled out her family’s names.

When some of the letters scanned at full price – $2 – she asked the cashier if they could be reduced as well, otherwise she wasn’t going to buy them. The reduced rate per balloon was 30 cents. 

Other ‘cheapskate’ behaviour included reusing McDonald’s Happy Meal bags and drinks for children’s dinners, but placing Woolworths-brand chips and nuggets in them instead.

One lady even washes her hair every three weeks to save on shampoo and conditioner, while another makes her own doner kebabs for a late night treat. 

‘My God I’ve heard everything now,’ came one reply in the thread.

‘I’ve gotten so many ideas from this post. Bloody hilarious,’ said another.  

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