Extinction Rebellion’s attempt to block the road with a massive construction is met with chaos when police intervene.


Extinction Rebellion’s attempt to block the road with a massive construction is met with chaos when police intervene.

During a frenzied confrontation after the group attempted to block a road in London, a large wooden structure came crashing down, almost smothering Police officers and Extinction Rebellion demonstrators.

Extinction Rebellion demonstrators attempted to block a road outside the Science Museum with a large wooden construction, according to a video circulating on social media. A lorry is parked nearby, and protesters are removing a sculpture. However, XR were too slow, and a squad of Met officers stormed in, assaulting protestors and knocking down the massive sculpture, nearly killing many officers and demonstrators in the process.

As a huge lorry appears to reverse at an intersection outside the Science Museum, chaos ensues.

Moments later, the HGV’s back door flings open, and the demonstrators work together to take out a big, pre-made wooden structure.

As demonstrators hurry to create the structure, a dozen Met officers can be seen sprinting in.

However, they are instantly tackled to the ground while members of the Metropolitan Police Department yell to each other to “push it over” so that the route is not obstructed.

As the structure begins to weaken and collapse, protesters and police engage in a scuffle.

As the Met furiously tries to calm the commotion, massive wooden pylons tumble to the earth.

The wooden beams have even impacted several officers, with one officer being struck in the back of the head and losing his cap.

As part of their nonviolent manner of protest and resistance, protesters can be seen immediately falling to the ground.

However, one of the protesters involved in the roadblock attempt does not take this strategy, instead becoming combative with an officer as she is being restrained.

As she is caught and placed in cuffs, the lady can be heard yelling, “I want to leave!” and “I’m trying to flee!”

“Why are you arresting me?” she can be heard yelling. As she is informed the reasons for her arrest and her civil rights, she asks, “Why are you cuffing me?”

On a day of turmoil in the city, the carnage erupted on Cromwell Road, outside the Science Museum, as climate change demonstrators fastened themselves to railings outside the museum.

According to “Brinkwire Summary News,” the Science Museum was attacked.


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