Extinction Rebellion rage: £50 million spent on policing protests by UK taxpayers is likely to SURGE.


Extinction Rebellion rage: £50 million spent on policing protests by UK taxpayers is likely to SURGE.

EXTINCTION REBELLION has been chastised after it was revealed that policing their protests has cost the UK taxpayer £50 million since 2019 – a sum that is certain to rise as fresh broad action is planned.

Extinction Rebellion is planning a two-week demonstration in downtown London starting Monday. Previously, they have blocked key roadways and monuments, vandalized bank and oil company facilities, and caused massive transportation disruptions for millions of commuters. The goal of the climate change protests, which will take place for the rest of the year, is to demand that the government suspend all new fossil-fuel investments.

Extinction Rebellion’s actions, on the other hand, have enraged Metropolitan Police Commander Rachel Williams.

She said at a news conference that police the group’s marches had cost the UK public more than £50 million so far, with the number spanning the Met’s reaction to three long demonstrations in April, October, and September of this year.

“Three huge past Extinction Rebellion demonstrations have cost the Metropolitan Police service in excess of £50 million,” Commander Williams added.

“I have no doubt that this year’s policing effort will cost millions of pounds, and that many police officers will give up their vacation time to help reduce any disruption and restore order and safety to London’s streets.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist of the Metropolitan Police Department told the same press conference that officers had made an unprecedented 3,762 arrests during the preceding three protests.

More over half of them (1,938) led to prosecutions, with nearly three-quarters (73%) ending in convictions.

“The disruption we saw in 2019 and 2020 is intolerable, and we share London’s concern over the impact that this action has on their businesses and communities,” Commissioner Twist stated.

He stressed that the police reaction will be “proportionate” to the disturbance, adding that “every police officer committed to a huge demonstration in central London is a police officer abstracted from their home neighborhood.”

While he sympathized with the activists’ messages, he cautioned them to “consider the implications” of their actions and the impact they are having on London’s millions of residents.

“Like many others, I understand what drives Extinction Rebellion, particularly in light of some of the major climate.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Commander Twist stated.


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