Extinction Rebellion protestors clashed with police, forcing Tower Bridge to close.


Extinction Rebellion protestors clashed with police, forcing Tower Bridge to close.

EXTINCTION Rebellion activists stopped Tower Bridge today, causing mayhem in downtown London.

The group’s eco-warriors clashed with police near the renowned London monument, according to video uploaded on social media this afternoon. Protesters painted a motorhome on the bridge pink in one photo, despite police officials’ futile attempts to clear the route.

One video shows Met Police officers hurrying to clear the route of protestors.

“Clashes at Extinction Rebellion rally in London as protestors attempt to occupy Tower Bridge,” the Twitter user continued.

A caravan and a van were blocking the bridge, according to another tweet from the environmental group.

The group boasted about giving the Met Police “the runaround” on a regular basis.

The group has gained notoriety when it began organising protests that obstruct people’s ability to travel around major cities in order to spread the idea that the world must urgently reduce its consumption of fossil fuels.

While many people agree with its message, the methods it employs to seek attention are divisive.

“This kind of behavior will never have my support,” one individual wrote. Ordinary individuals going about their daily routines are being disrupted.

“Removing cops from local patrols at a time when knife and violent crime are at an all-time high.”

“This is a tenth of the damage that climate change will wreak, including death, mass displacement, and the collapse of society as we know it,” commented another.

“All other options have been exhausted. What is your alternative to putting pressure on governments to take action?”

“Because if they don’t start acting dramatically and quickly, YOUR life will be put in jeopardy.

“And even if you don’t care about the fate of any other human on this earth, you must worry about your own?”

While one user had no objections to the group’s efforts, others chastised her for oblivious to the impact they had on ordinary people’s lives.

“There are alternative options,” one user noted. The bulk of people will oppose this.”

“Do you honestly believe that closing Tower Bridge will drive governments to act?” said another.

Protesters had stopped the bridge, according to the Metropolitan Police.

“Officers were on scene practically immediately,” the force said on Twitter. We’re collaborating with the City Police Department to get traffic moving again.

“Activists are also laying on the junction north of Tower Bridge, causing even more chaos.


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