Extinction Rebellion LIVE: London pandemonium as eco-warriors threaten to wreak havoc on the streets


Extinction Rebellion LIVE: London pandemonium as eco-warriors threaten to wreak havoc on the streets

EXTINCTION Hundreds of protestors are taking part in a week of “outreach and disruptive action” in London as part of a rebellion rally.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, a number of disruptive initiatives took place, including one outside the Science Museum in protest of its sponsorship contract with Shell. Following a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which indicated that the recent decade was hotter than any period in the last 125,000 years, the organization is urging the UK government to immediately halt all new fossil fuel investments.

As the second week begins, police say they have arrested a total of 367 protestors over the first week.

Eleven protesters were arrested after blocking Tower Bridge with a caravan and wearing aprons with inscriptions such as “Tell The Truth.”

A video circulating on social media on Monday caught protestors attempting to block the road outside the Science Museum with a massive wooden structure.

However, a number of Met Police officers quickly took command of the situation, escorting demonstrators to the ground and destroying the sculpture to prevent it from blocking the road.

The museum was targeted because it gets funding from Shell Petroleum, a user and distributor of fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, according to protestors.

The group also used specially adapted “lock-on” gadgets to tie themselves to vehicles and bikes to block Mansell Street in the city with a can.

Police officers were irritated and sought to remove them, but they needed specific instruments to do so.

The force said on Twitter that removing protestors who had shackled themselves to vehicles with “lock on devices” had been “painful.”

Protesters are scheduled to gather in Parliament Square today with a painted white pram for a “slow, solemn, and sombre stroll” to Trafalgar Square to draw attention to the effects of climate change on children.

The protests are likely to come to a close this weekend, with a “nature rebellion march and after party” beginning on Saturday in St James’ Park.

Activists spray-painted the words “Barclays stop burning fossil fuels” on a Barclays store in Lewes, Sussex.

Members of the group from Lewes, Newhaven, and Seaford branded the store in order to participate in the two-week-long demonstrations.

“We are aligning our whole financing portfolio to assist the goals of the Paris Agreement – considerably ramping up green financing, directly investing in.”Brinkwire Summary News”, according to a Barclays representative.


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