EXPRESS COMMENT: The law must be followed –


EXPRESS COMMENT – The law must be followed –

THOSE WHO KNOW THE HISTORY OF OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM KNOW that juries have been known to make political decisions on cases rather than legal ones on occasion.

That appears to be what happened when the Left-wing protesters on trial in Bristol for criminal damage in connection with the removal of the Edward Colston statue received a not guilty verdict.

Some supporters of Black Lives Matter will rejoice at the decision, but they must be cautious.

The jury system, like the rule of law, is an important part of our democracy, and it would be unfortunate if this gave the go-ahead for more criminal activity.

Should those who desecrate Churchill or Nelson be let off the hook? Of course not.

Extremist protesters are currently attempting to cause massive damage across the country, not only to statues but also to the transportation network, putting lives at risk.

The law is in place to keep us safe from anarchy, and it must be followed.


Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, writes in today’s Daily Express that priorities are finally shifting as the year progresses.

He is correct in stating that the NHS’s primary focus now must be on reducing the massive backlog on waiting lists for other medical issues.

The news that tens of thousands of people have missed cancer diagnoses or had their treatment delayed should make us all fearful.

However, even relatively minor issues such as knee surgery have a significant impact on people’s quality of life.

It demonstrates that lockdowns to protect people from Covid do not come without a cost, either in terms of the economy or in terms of people’s overall health.

As the Prime Minister stated yesterday, the return to normalcy is not far away.

While the number of infections is high, hospitalization statistics show that Omicron is not as dangerous, but people should still get vaccinated.

Keeping up with vaccine doses can help prevent the return of the dark days of lockdown.

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George Goudsmit, who was 80 at the time, met the Queen for 20 seconds at a reception and pitched her on solar panels, he most likely did not.

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