EXPRESS COMMENT: It’s time for Boris Johnson to put substance behind his rhetoric.


EXPRESS COMMENT: It’s time for Boris Johnson to put substance behind his rhetoric.

OUR Prime Minister’s everlasting optimism and steadfast certainty that this country can overcome any challenge and thrive is one of his most endearing attributes.

Returning to the status quo prior to the Covid epidemic is not nearly good enough for a guy of Boris Johnson’s lofty ambitions, yet many people would be content with that after over two years of pain. The pandemic calamity, according to Mr Johnson, has created a fresh base from which to achieve more success than before.

In contrast, this week’s drab Labour Party conference in Brighton and its lackluster leader, Sir Keir Starmer, seemed more interested in debating whether or not a woman has a cervix.

Mr Johnson’s unwavering belief in our ability to succeed boosts morale.

It inspires us to strive for greater heights as a country and, in his words, “rebuild better.”

Certainly, the interview given to this publication by new Chief Treasury Secretary Simon Clarke – a red wall MP — highlights the Government’s lofty ambitions.

After the pandemic, the country can “refresh” and “surpass expectations,” he argues.

However, the Prime Minister must listen to his backbenchers in order for this to happen.

The terms “build back better” and “leveling up” must be defined, have meaning, and have substance.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? Add your postcode or go to to find out. They can’t just be catchy slogans with no substance.

This requires a distribution of wealth and opportunity, as well as high-quality education and health care services in all areas, as well as skilled occupations in all fields.

The Prime Minister’s message of optimism and desire must be felt by all citizens of the United Kingdom, young and old. There can’t be any more villages that are left behind.

Mr Johnson will be recognized as one of the great occupants of Number 10 Downing Street if he achieves his goals.

The Conservative Party convention this week will set the tone for success.

The Queen’s appearance at the ceremonial opening of the Scottish Parliament yesterday shown yet again what a powerful unifier she is.

Our 95-year-old monarch, who will soon celebrate 70 years on the throne, has long been admired and respected, not just in the United Kingdom but across the world.

“Brinkwire Summary News” is the context of her appearance.


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