– EXPRESS COMMENT: Biden has no time for the G7 or a global America.


– EXPRESS COMMENT: Biden has no time for the G7 or a global America.

– EXPRESS COMMENT: Biden isn’t interested in the G7 or a united America.

The situation in Afghanistan has made America, the United Kingdom, and other major Western democracies appear weak and self-interested in the previous fortnight.

Regrettably, the G7 – the world’s seven most powerful democratic countries, as well as the EU leadership – did nothing to overturn that decision yesterday.

Authorities were seen pleading with US President Joe Biden to extend the August 31 departure date so that the evacuation could be completed properly.

Biden, on the other hand, bluntly refused, purportedly to avoid upsetting the Taliban insurgents he has allowed to retake Afghanistan.

The fact that he only lasted around seven minutes with the other G7 leaders speaks much about his lack of global perspective.

We commend the United Kingdom for evacuating nearly 9,000 of our citizens and Afghan partners, and we urge Boris Johnson to keep his vow to evacuate more people from Kabul “till the very last moment.”

On the other hand, this frantic eagerness to depart a disintegrating country suggests a poorly handled retreat, which was itself based on a major error.

After this calamity, none of the G7 leaders can be proud of themselves, but the United States’ failure stands out in particular.

We were warned last year that a Biden victory would be “vital” in putting an end to Trump’s “America First” campaign. We now know that this claim was untrue.

The issues facing the UK government are not just worldwide, but also domestic. A study indicating that UK pensions are the world’s third-worst should send shivers down Whitehall’s corridors.

The UK is on the cusp of a pensioner poverty crisis, with many people failing to meet their retirement obligations. This may be traced back to Tony Blair’s administration, when Gordon Brown rendered final salary pensions in the private sector unsustainable.

At a time when the state pension’s triple lock guarantee is under review, the government should listen to Deborah Alsina, CEO of Independent Age, who cautions that almost a fifth of retirees are destitute, and that new workers will need to treble their savings rates to avoid the same fate.

A long-term solution must be found to ensure that UK seniors do not spend their retirement worrying about expenditures.

Charlie Watts provided the beat for some. “Brinkwire News in a Nutshell.”


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