‘Explosions’ have been heard near Florence Airport, with billowing smoke.


EXPLOSIONS have been heard near Florence Airport, as smoke could be seen billowing from across the city.

Locals living in the ancient Italian city claimed they heard “explosions” this evening. Footage from city residents shows a plume of smoke billowing from a nearby building believed to be an airport.

One local resident posted on Twitter that he lived near the airport and reported hearing “various explosions” in the Piagge area of ​​the city.

The resident, whose user is @PrimaxTommy, shared a video where a red or orange plume of smoke can be seen burning away in the distance.

Accompanying the footage, they wrote: “Various explosions and high smoke in Florence under the Indian bridge in the Piagge area.”

Social media users speculated that the blast could be related to electricity and gas supplies in the region, amid reports from Firenze Post that half the Italian city were impacted by a blackout.

explosion near its airport Florence #firenze #Florence pic.twitter.com/jKTIlfOnuv

The Italian news outlet reported an electrical blackout in “half the city”, within the areas Pistoiese and District 4, but also in Scandicci.

These regions are all within close proximity of Florence’s airport.

According to the outlet, a fire affected some structures of Terna, the electricity distribution company “which are located not far from the Peretola cemetery”.

They reported that there have been no injuries.

Florence fightfighers responded to the incident, which also affected surrounding vegetation after it broke out at the base of some pylons.

They say in their coverage: “Many social groups in the area that reported the fire

“Many report having distinctly heard an explosion, which was followed by a voltage drop in many homes.”

User @RichARTvision took to Twitter to report that the “power went out everywhere for a second”.

While @PrimaxTommy who shared the footage to his followers, replied to a user who asked for more information by saying: “They say it was an enel [an Italian distributor of electricity and gas]control unit”.

However, at present there has been no official confirmation of the reported explosion from the Italian authorities.


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