Experts warn of a rise in “brutal authoritarianism” if China succeeds in overthrowing the global order.


Experts warn of a rise in “brutal authoritarianism” if China succeeds in overthrowing the global order.

According to a former CIA official, China has set out to overturn the global liberal system in favor of a more compatible “authoritarian” one.

A veteran US intelligence expert has warned that China’s leadership is attempting to replace the international rules-based order.

An expert on China, Nicholas Eftimiades, has warned that Xi Jinping’s dictatorship feels western democracy has “failed.” He claimed that China intended to use the Chinese Communist Party’s system as a model for governance for the rest of the world.

“China has stated its ambitions and intentions to transform the world order,” Mr Eftimiades told this website.

“To move away from the liberal democratic rule of law and toward something more conducive to the system.

“They say this is their aims and objectives, and they aren’t being sneaky or secretive about it in any way.

“It’s a different viewpoint, and they argue that Western democracy has failed, which is why we’d replace it.”

“From our vantage point, it appears to be a more authoritarian organization.

“Government regulations, freedoms are curtailed, but they get the job done,” the security expert concluded.

“No one can argue, I mean, look at what they’ve accomplished in the last 20 years.

“An incredible power base is being built in China.

“The majority of people, even politicians, do not perceive this as a serious threat.

“Certainly not in the next year or two,” says the author.

“As a result, it’s difficult to put this in the context of a strategic threat in the way we’re used to defining it in the West.

“What does it indicate when a violent authoritarian regime rises and people are eager and willing to attempt to bury and ignore it in order to do business with them?” he said.

It comes after a former CIA officer told This website that key British technology and research had been exposed to Chinese military use.

“The UK is a very exceptional example, and they are so due of their legal structure,” he told this website.

“I mean, we have the International Trafficking in Arms Regulation, or ITAR, in the United States. We have export control regulations in place.

“As a result, the kind of technologies that can be exported and under what conditions are carefully regulated. Not so much in the United Kingdom.”


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