Experts suggest that Prince Edward and Charles will convene a special meeting to consider Andrew’s future.


PRINCE EDWARD, Prince Charles and Princess Anne held a meeting to discuss the future of their brother Prince Andrew, a royal expert claimed.

Royal commentator Russell Myers spoke on the Lorraine show and commented on the Royal Family’s actions regarding the case against Prince Andrew. He claimed Prince Edward, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne had held a meeting to discuss their brother’s future. Virginia Guiffre has filed a civil case against Prince Andrew and has alleged that he sexually assaulted her. Prince Andrew has consistently denied these claims and insisted on no wrongdoing.

Mr Myers claimed the trio agreed that Prince Andrew would not be able to return to public-serving life regardless of the outcome of the case.

Ms Lorraine Kelly said: “Prince William, we are told, thinks that his uncle Prince Andrew is a threat to the Royal Family. “This is very serious stuff.”

Mr Myers replied: “Very much so and I think over the weekend there has been an awful lot of activity over several reports.

“One of the issues was there was a meeting in January of senior members of the Royal Family, including Charles, Anne, and Edward.

“They concluded, like the rest of us, that there is never a return to public life for him.

“I think he is the only person in the entire world at the moment who is clinging on to this aspect that he can return.”

Mr Myers was referencing claims made by two separate royal sources at the weekend alleging Prince Andrew’s siblings had convened to discuss his future role as a working member of the Royal Family.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, a source said: “Nine months ago Charles, Anne, and Edward had a meeting, a summit, and agreed there was no way back for him.”

Another royal source speaking to The Sunday Times claimed: “There is no way in the world he’s ever coming back, the family will never let it happen.”

Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Prince Andrew did not comment.

Royal expert Rupert Bell also reflected on the single piece of “good news” Prince Andrew has received recently.

He also discussed the reputational damage that has occurred due to the Prince Andrew case.

The fact that the Metropolitan Police will take no further action again Prince Andrew as they reinvestigated the allegations made by Virginia Giuffre.

While speaking on TalkRadio he. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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