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Experts reveal the healthiest orders you can make from UberEats

Two nutritionists have revealed the healthiest takeaways you can order from UberEats – including a burrito bowl from the popular chain Guzman y Gomez and a Grill’d chicken burger.

The high school friends turned business partners behind Equalution explained you don’t have to cut takeaway just because you’re trying to lose weight, but you do ‘need to be smart about your food choice for that day and the meal itself’.

‘Balance is key, and like all options, there will always be better choices that can be made,’ they posted on Instagram. 

So what are the friends’ top picks from UberEats? 

Top of Equalution founders Jade and Amal’s list of healthy UberEats orders is the Guzman y Gomez Burrito Bowl.

This features fluffy white or brown rice, vegetables or a meat of your choice, Jack cheese, beans, house-made corn chips, Pico de Gallo sauce and salsa.

‘With lean protein, veggies and loaded salsa, this has plenty of health in it,’ the founders said.

The calorie intake varies between 640 calories and 730 calories, depending on your meat choice.

The experts also said the bowl is a much better choice than a regular burrito, as it doesn’t have as many carbs. 

The next order the experts recommend is Grill’d’s sweet chilli chicken burger, which features an array of healthy inclusions.

The burger includes grilled chicken breast with beetroot, shredded carrot, cos lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, relish and sweet chilli. 

You can choose to put it in a traditional bun, or low carb, panini, gluten-free bun – meaning you can make the dish even healthier.

‘When you’re dieting but want takeaway the key considerations are what your body needs, how much of it and where to get it from that will both satisfy you and keep you fuller for longer,’ Jade and Amal said. 

‘It’s important to strike a balance between foods you love and overall good health, and meeting your calorie and macro goals for results.’

The Grill’d sweet chilli chicken burger has 459 calories.

The third healthy order can be bought from a number of outlets on UberEats is a build your own poke bowl.

‘Poke is great for you as it has lean protein, it’s loaded with veggies and if you get the sauce on the side it’s even healthier,’ the experts said.

Try to aim for as balanced a bowl as possible with a wholegrain carbohydrate like brown rice, lean protein in the form of salmon and tofu, and plenty of vegetables and fermented elements like cabbage and kimchi.

Juices often get a mixed reputation as to whether they are good for you or too filled with sugar, but there is one that reigns supreme among UberEats orders.

Boost Juice’s Wondermelon Juice includes strawberry yoghurt, strawberries, superfruit booster, whey protein, ice and freshly-juiced watermelon.

Even better, the juice features under 200 calories for a medium sized option.

‘For when you feel like something a bit lighter but still high in protein, this is a great option,’ Jade and Amal said.

Another option that you can find in many food outlets, the health experts said you can never go wrong with ordering grilled fish, a side salad and some hot chips.

This is because it includes a balanced array of nutrients, while also giving you some health benefits from the salad and grilled fish.

By opting for grilled fish instead of battered, you will save yourself valuable calories.

You will also help your weight loss goals by going for a smaller portion of chips.

Finally, Jade and Amal said if you’re watching your waistline, you could also go for steak and steamed vegetables – which has many nutritional benefits.

‘Go for dry grilled steak, lean cut like rump,’ they said. 

‘Save a calorie allowance and be mindful of your intake for the day.’

The experts recommend you don’t just write the entire day or weekend off if you eat takeaway, but instead just get back on your healthy eating bandwagon.

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