Experts have warned that the UK’s exit from the EU will ‘lead to more heart attacks.’


Experts have warned that the UK’s exit from the EU will ‘lead to more heart attacks.’

Academics have warned that if food prices continue to climb in the UK, it would lead to an increase in heart attacks.

According to the latest figures from the British Retail Consortium, food costs in the UK have risen in recent weeks (BRC). In August, prices increased by 0.4 percent month over month. This was fueled by a 0.6 percent increase in non-food prices, which included a significant increase in the cost of electronic goods due to microchip shortages and shipping issues. “There are some minor signals that increased costs are starting to trickle through into product prices,” said Helen Dickinson, the BRC’s chief executive.

“Food retailers are doing everything they can to keep their prices as low as possible. However, growing commodity and shipping prices, as well as Brexit-related red tape, mean that this can no longer be sustained, and food price increases are inevitable in the coming months.

“Disruption has been limited thus far, but in the run-up to Christmas, buyers may see a reduction in choice and higher pricing for their favorite products and presents.”

Academics at Imperial College London and the University of Liverpool cautioned in January 2019 that increased food prices could lead to more heart attacks as a result of Brexit.

They claimed that even if the UK leaves the EU with a deal, food costs will rise, and that more expensive fruits and vegetables will have an influence on the country’s overall health.

The researchers noted that because a lack of fruits and vegetables is a key risk factor for cardiovascular disease, this would have an impact on heart and stroke fatalities.

“The UK’s exit from the European Union has long been framed in terms of its political and social importance,” said Professor Christopher Millett of Imperial College’s School of Public Health, who co-led the study.

“However, this study demonstrates that the impact of Brexit will extend far beyond the economy, potentially affecting people’s disease risk.

“The UK government must assess the public health implications of various Brexit trade policy choices, including price increases in important food groups,” says the report.

Some, notably Edgar Miller of the Economists for Free Trade group, have criticized his research.

“This is Project Fear at its worst – a paper authored by a bunch of mostly novice medical researchers,” he said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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